It would take a decade to rebuild society


We like to think we’re an advanced society, and in many ways we are. But all our advancements are quite precarious ones because we built in dependencies.

Case in point, our electronics. I’m not just talking about the device you’re reading this on right now, I’m talking about anything that uses electricity.

All that stuff is very vulnerable to the well-known but not very well publicized 11-year solar cycle where the magnetic north and south poles of the sun swap, and solar flares, CMEs, and solar superstorms tend to result. Remeber, this is nothing to do with anything we humans have ever done, or could possibly ever do. This is just…the nature of our sun.

Here’s a video from Physics Girl to help explain what’s going on up there in the sun, and how it affects us down here on earth. As a Ham Radio operator, I’ve known about these things for a while, but she does a fantastic job explaining it and making it all real.

As the camera operator says at the end “Wow, you just made this WAY more interesting than I thought it would be!”

Food for thought as we get closer to 2025.

But if you don’t want to think about that at all and just want to watch more Physics Girl, here’s another good one

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