Some healthy changes

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I’ve been taking advantage of the perks of having employer-subsidized health insurance lately, and am finally getting around to a few things I’ve been putting off for years. Such as:
  • Straightening teeth = My accelerated approach to Invisalign braces means that they should be done doing their thing by the end of this year.
  • Better glasses = My vision has changed but my glasses have not — so I’m changing this too. In January, I’ll use the same updated prescription to get some Rx shades too.
  • Removing cyst = That bump on the back of my head that never bothers me but sometimes grosses people out is finally getting removed next month. You’re welcome.
  • Comfortable stance = The inserts I’ve worn in my shoes for almost 20 years now are finally getting a much needed update. I’m betting this will help improve my physical comfort, as will the next item.
  • Monthly massage = As a former massage therapist myself, I know it’s money well-spent to have regular maintenance on my back/body. Fortunately, I know a decent masseuse here in this tiny backwater of central Utah, and she’ll be seeing more of me whether this is a subsidized expense or not.
  • Vegan default = Whenever I’m out, I now just order the most vegan thing on the menu and don’t think about it. When grocery shopping, I don’t buy meat or dairy so I don’t bring it home. It’s really not hard to be vegan by default now, and it’s damn tastier than it’s ever been. Which helps with the next item.
  • Blood work = This just in, all is well with my sanguinity. All numbers trending in the right direction since making some lifestyle changes for longevity purposes.

The world around us is not within our control. It sometimes the uncertainty gets the better of us. I share this as a reminder that it feels really good to be making progress on the things we can more directly influence, and health is the primary one with the biggest benefits.



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