Speaking at ATD 2021


On Tuesday, 8/31 I’ll be speaking at this year’s ATD21 conference and there’s a few things I’d like to say about this.

  1. I’m excited to be speaking in-person anywhere after the last 18-months!
  2. I’m co-presenting with my boss, whom I’ve never met in person even though we’ve been working together for over a year. See above.
  3. Last year I wrote about how I would no longer speak at conference unless certain conditions were met. Namely that someone pay me more than it costs me and I still mean that. This year’s ATD being very unexpectedly hosted in Salt Lake City strangely meets my conditions, as it doesn’t cost me anything really. I’ll drive the 2hrs or so then stay with friends, so…sure!
  4. I didn’t apply to speak. ATD asked me to apply to speak, and I declined. They’ve asked me for next year too, and I’ve declined that already. This opportunity came in through a side door of one of our vendor partners (Go1) asking me & Rachel to speak in their slot. I like Go1 and have already spoken at one of their internal sales events, which was very well-received. I’m happy to do them proud in a more public space, they’re a good company.
  5. It’s weird out there still. This audience will be masked, socially-distanced, and I’m prohibited from asking anyone to interact with each other unless that’s digitally. I can’t even open with making music like usual, as beatboxing is about as un-COVID-friendly as it gets! So I’m trying to get creative here, and differently than ever before. It’s not bad exactly, it’s just, y’know, weird.

Anyway, I’m speaking and I’m glad. It’s been a while. It’s about time.

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