The Best Time In The World

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I’ve discovered that 10:00 UTC is The Best Time In The World.

Given that there are 37 different time zones ranging from UTC-12 to UTC+14 (many of whom observe daylight savings). And given the distributions of the world’s population being smallest on either side of the International Date Line. 10:00 UTC is the one time that will occur on the same date for the largest possible population of people on Earth.

If you happen to live between Hawaii and New Zealand you might still be on a different date depending on who’s doing daylight savings and if they’re in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere (sorry I-Kiribati). For everyone else, 10:00 UTC will occur on the same calendar date.

Why does this matter?

Ok, maybe it doesn’t for you. But it matters to me because I only get one time that I can specify for all our automated messages to fire for learning assignments. Our LMS won’t let us do a relative time based on when any given person starts their day. In order to say something like “This training launches on August 1st” and actually launch it on August 1st for everyone getting that message from Auckland to Hawaii the long way around, it has to be 10:00 UTC. No other time will always work.

It took more work than I thought to figure this out. You’re welcome ;)

(This was posted at 10:00 UTC)

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