The Vaccine Wallop


You probably know how this story goes, if you’ve not experienced it yet yourself, you’ve heard it from other friends & family members.
  • Wednesday = Received second dose of one of the mRNA vaccines
  • Thursday = Fine…until about 18hrs after the shot, then not fine at all. Had trouble keeping my insides in.
  • Friday = Called in sick to work, slept through most of the day, could barely eat, everything hurt
  • Saturday = Fever & nausea went away but still felt like crap, headache & body aches, no energy
  • Sunday = Finally feeling better. Still a slight headache, but nowhere near what it was for the previous few days

Just like with COVID itself, some people get off easy. Were it not for a positive test result, they wouldn’t even notice that they have it. Other people get laid up for a week or two of symptoms like I had with the vaccine. Others have to go to the hospital it gets so bad. Some of them never come out.

I know a 92 year old man who was one of the “oh really? I have it? If you say so” variety.
I also lost my 92 year old grandmother to COVID a year ago in April.
I also know someone in her 30s who was one of the first official cases in the US (in NYC) and got very, very sick, but then got better.

There’s no telling how you’re going to react to either the vaccine or the virus itself. You may think you know, but you don’t know. No one knows. It’s the luck of the draw.

This is one of the reasons I got the vaccine the first chance I could, and I encourage others to as well. Because no one knows how we’ll react upon first encounter. But we DO know how we’ll react after the vaccine. If you’ve been inoculated and get infected after that, it’s possible you might still get a little sick — but it’s extremely unlikely that you’d have to go to the hospital, and almost certain that you won’t die.

I live in a place where a lot of people won’t get the vaccine. Yes, there are things we don’t know about them, and the science on the mRNA ones like I got is totally new and experimental. If this is a concert for you, get the Johnson & Johnson one. That is a vaccine much like others you’ve had before, nothing to worry about.

No long term studies have been done yet, that’s true. But would you really rather be in the control group on this one? The ones who can be killed or severely compromised by just breathing someone else’s air? Really?

For anyone who can’t put up with what I just went through, you’d better hope and pray that you never get the real thing. Or that you never get it again.