Charting the world yet to come


If you plan on living another 20 years or more like I do, it’s sometimes daunting to think ahead. There’s so much sliding into chaos and instability, so much danger and destruction happening now, how could we possibly have a better future?

Well, first off, there’s no guarantees that we will. Getting psychologically prepared for that likelihood is an important prerequisite to any further exploration. Me? I’m good with it. And I’m emotionally ready to navigate the best I can to avoid things getting worse for myself and those I love.

Secondly, just because things change doesn’t mean that they change for the worse. The old ways of the human world weren’t really working out anyhow, so while letting them go is scary, it’s hard to judge it as a bad thing. While it seems we’re in an extended make-it-or-break-it moment for much of civil society and our relationship to the planet, it could be that this time is the time when we finally do learn to “make it”.

Lastly, even if things do get worse overall, which would be very sad indeed, that doesn’t mean they need to get worse for you or me or our families. I believe it’s imperative that we first provide for ourselves as best we can so that we’re not a drain on anyone, and next for our families so that they aren’t either. Society doesn’t get better when we expect it to come to our aid, but instead when we are willing and available to come to its aid.

With that in mind, here’s some fantastic and interactive data to explore:

This is about a year old, but it’s still an assembly of some of the best US-focused climate modeling that is publicly available today. You can use this tool to look up the anticipated impacts of climate change by county. When you do, I’m sure you’ll see that even though things are going to get less stable and more destructive, things that go catastrophically bad in some places can lead to fantastic opportunities in others.

Here’s to using the best of what we have to stay on the better side of our history yet to come!

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