What's behind Apple's photo scanning


It’s Rob Braxman Redpill time!

No need to put on your top secret clearance tinfoil hat or get all futuristic here, folks. This is the real real that’s here today. But few people that I know of are willing & able to do all the boring analysis and conceptual reverse engineering that Rob is…AND then to talk about it publicly.

While he’s not been deplatformed for doing so yet, with stuff like this it’s really just a matter of time. This truth cannot be widely distributed without consequence. Get in on it here. Then get on LBRY and subscribe.

If you can handle the truth, that is :)

(If it gets to be a bit too techy for you, skip to 23:51 and watch the last 1min or so for the big picture summary.)

Comments? Sure, why not!

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