YouTube flagged my account for my own song


It finally happened, the YouTube algorithm is now smart enough to find the live version of a song and link it back to the original copyrighted work based on nothing more than the audio alone.

In my new live looping video series, I break down a few songs and show how the “behind the music” view. Including songs that I’ve recorded previously, such as “So Simple, So Beautiful”. This is not the title of the video, and the song title does not appear in the metadata or even the spoken transcript for the video. And yet…it got flagged as being owned by CD Baby.

It’s not owned by CD Baby, of course. It’s owned by me, via my Snap Synapse Music publishing company that granted rights to CD Baby to resell. I don’t have any way to tell CD Baby that this YouTube content is mine, so naturally they can’t tell YouTube and in turn, YouTube assumes I’m a music pirate. Make sense?

Back when I worked for YouTube in 2015-16, I figured their algorithm would be this good in 5-10 years.

5-6 years later?


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